Design Method

What We Design

Being a multi-talented agency there is not a lot we cannot do. Our core business is still Web Design and Graphic Design – but what exactly does Graphic Design Cover?


A part of our branding package we always include 3 items of stationery bundled into the price – these include letterheads (inc continuation sheets), Business Cards and Compliment Slips. These are items ANY business, ANY size cannot do without. Your business card is your mobile brand, by that we mean it is still often your first point of contact when face to face with prospective clients. Never underestimate the power of the business card, and for that matter – first impressions.


Pelling design all sorts of literature for all of our clients so we rubbish the theory that print is dead. Leaflets, brochures and flyers are a fantastic leave behind and a great offer mechanism. If it’s done right, the ROI can be very high.

Direct Mail

Direct mail pieces come in all shapes and sizes – and I think we have tried most of them at one time or another. Clever and outrageous folded pieces have their place for sure, but a simple postcard can often be as effective – one of our biggest clients came via a cold call mail drop!

Magazines, Brochures and Books

We Design several magazines in house and getting it right is a pure joy. Our designers are typography geeks so nothing excites them more than a beautiful double page spread – or as we like to call the BDPS.

Whilst it is not rocket science (it is after all just picture and words on a page) it’s surprising how hard it is to get right. There is so much to consider – colour choice, font usage and image crops.


Again, flying in the face of the naysayers, we still undertake plenty of catalogue work – who does not love a catalogue… browsing through a catalogue with a coffee and biscuit can be one of lives great pleasure – and we are here to facilitate!

We also find them great fun to design – the intricate necessity to get all that information onto the page whilst keeping it looking clean, simple, easy to read and beautiful is a real challenge and one our typography and layout experts relish!


If you have a beautiful product, the packaging should of course reflect this. With our years of experience and knowledge of shopper marketing we can make sure your products are seen.

Press and Magazine Advertising

Getting your point across or your product seen within the confines of an A4 page is frankly very difficult. Pelling have the knowledge and know how to make it look very simple – the key to a strong advert.

Point Of Sale

Much the same as it is with packaging, your product should be shown in its best light, and point of sale plays a huge part in this. From FSDU’s (Free Standing Display Units), shelf talkers / barkers, Information panel’s right through to high gloss display units we can lend our experience and expertise to the process.

Fact Sheets and Data Sheets

Pelling can turn your otherwise bland data into something beautiful. Just because the content is a little on the boring side does not mean you have to settle for the same aesthetically

There are of course a lot more aspects of Graphic Design we cover but are too many to list here, suffice to say we have it covered. Take a look at our portfolio and check out the rest of our services to see what else Pelling have to offer.