Design Method

Philips Company Overview Data Sheet

Getting a lot of information into a small space is a problem designers are asked to solve every day… so we were not surprised, nor daunted, when our client Philips commissioned us with the task of consolidating and laying out the contents of a 64 page corporate PowerPoint document into an attractive, brief and succinct digestible data sheet.

We started off the design process by eliminating ‘un-helpful’ facts, the fluffy parts if you will – what do people not need to know.

Once that was sorted we then went about prioritising the information and working out a clear hierarchy in order to wireframe a rough layout. Once this was done the old fashioned way – with a pencil! We especially like to approach design work of this nature in the traditional manner, otherwise you will be shifting words and text about in InDesign or Photoshop all day with no clear direction, and ultimately not giving the client what they need.

Once a rough layout was optimised, we then went about the easy part – making it look good! This piece is actually very info graphic like, and will actually be utilised as such after all the positive feedback it has garnered.

Using mainly adobe illustrator and InDesign, we went about making the chosen facts look clean, crisp and easy to read. We used a limited colour palette to stop a full assault on the senses, thus achieving a very crisp look and feel.

Philips Data Sheet

Such was the success of this piece we are currently working on fact sheets for each division within the Philips business.