Design Method

Intuit Australia Brochure Design

Pelling and our client Intuit have a wonderful working relationship, so much so, our design and marketing services are now utilised throughout the company globally.

One of the main markets who come to Pelling when in need of innovative design work is Australia. This presents its own challenges with regards to time difference but through our commitment to delivering on time, no matter what, we overcome such obstacles

This project was a perfect case in point – this brochure needed urgently within 24 hours, for a event, was certainly a challenge but one we rose too with outstanding results.

our belief is, there is no point in delivering a sub standard design on time, or a exceptional piece of design late, but to deliver exceptional design, on time, all of the time.

With the text supplied in the evening we immediately set about image sourcing and templating the design layout. Once this was approved (several coffees later) we retired to bed and picked up early the next day and rolled out the chosen template throughout the document.

Utilising the expansive colour palette whilst balancing with clean white space this crisp design was well received by all and delivered on time.

This artwork has now been utilised in several other global markets – a definitive sign that we did our job!