Design Method

Design Fit for a Purpose

Never under estimate the importance of branding and design when starting a company or overhauling collateral within an existing organisation – never settle for anything but the best.

All our designs are bespoke and finely crafted with the love and care your brand deserves. Being represented properly by your literature, stationery or website is vitally important, which is why I am constantly surprised by the amount of poor design out there. Lots of businesses do not value design as a justifiable spend when planning there marketing activities and often settle for second rate design – not helped by the easy access everyone has to Microsoft products such as word and PowerPoint!

These pieces of software have their own purpose and one the serve very well, but are not meant for design and branding. It’s often used for tasks beyond its capabilities, for inferior results.

We understand why people want to try and save money in this tough economic climate, and one of the ways of doing this is by doing certain things yourself.

As far as design goes, this is clearly false economy. Potential clients who decide to design literature or stationery themselves in word can spend weeks and a lot of man hours to complete – not to mention the inevitable stress it caused.

The risk you run is making your company or product look cheap, ill-conceived and un-professional.

Our costs are very reasonable so in our eyes there are no excuses. The software we use is specifically built to design brochures, websites, logos and everything in between

We keep completely up to date with all software developments including our most used Adobe Creative Suite packages – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sublime Text are integral to our everyday work.

So, if the ‘Word’ you are looking for is ‘creativity’ then look why not drop us a line!