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Top Ten Logo Designs

For this section of our site we thought it would be a great, not to mention interesting, exercise to compile a list of our favourite logos, past and present.

Nike is a obvious choice, as is Apple and Google but hopefully there are a few curve balls included that you might not morally expect to see.

Surrey County Council – we love this logo, lots of craft and care has gone into this, even tough it appears very simple – a good sign of great design.

The same can be said for Nike, so powerful that the swig now often stands alone.

MTV is a classic all time favourite of mine, and has proved it can stand the test of time being instantly recognisable by generation after generation. it also has great adaptability and has become almost a character for the channel over time.

Fred Perry just crew,s authenticity, heritage and class – brilliant, and again, essentially very simple.

First is the Orange logo, so simple but so recognised, and a great example of not having to over think things.

I hope you found this of interest and you can hopefully draw some inspiration from the selected logos!

Top ten logos

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