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Guidelines, a Help or Hindrance?

This is an interesting discussion that often rumbles on in our office – are brand guidelines a help or a hindrance?

I would unequivocally say a help, there is nothing like consistent messaging, look and feel and call to actions driving home the same message. That said, I understand the arguments against. I have outlined some pros and cons below:


  • Design Consistency
  • On brand messaging
  • Rules
  • Guidance
  • Brand recognition


  • Restrictive
  • Stifle creativity

We think it’s worth bearing in mind all the points listed above, and they can allow you to devise a set of guidelines that do not become design restrictive, and no matter what agency you use they do not restrict creativity in any marketing campaigns, advertising or websites you develop.

They should always allow flexibility to maximise creativity and the optimum amount of messaging the particular piece needs to be effective.

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