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Branding, Why It’s Important

Having the right branding for your business is possibly one of the most important decisions you are likely to face. It will represent your company, be on all your correspondence, it will proudly sit at the top of your website and become synonymous with who are you are, what you do and how you do it.

When I took over Pelling Design we thought it was time for a fresh overhaul, and I think the logo has aged very well. It’s 7 years old now and I still think it still looks fresh. Pelling have been based in Farnham, Surrey for years now and with web design taking over the design world in the last few years we needed a fresh modern look and feel to reflect these changes.

Pelling have undertaken a few re-brands in our 35 year history and it’s always a big step for any company to undertake, whether it’s a small local business or a large international corporation

There is obviously more at stake depending on the size of your company, and its visibility in the public domain. Google,  and more recently ITV and Reebok have under taken huge brand refresh exercises in the last couple of years with varying degrees of success… something we can all learn from no matter the size of our organisation.

As is often the case with a new logo there is always a some media backlash, not only about the amount of money spent but also with regards to the actual result. Social media, in particular Twitter, now means we can  all have our say and can play a big part in how that brand becomes defined in the public domain.

I always use the British Airways PR disaster all those years ago, everyone hated the new logo and family of plane tail designs launched in the late 90’s. At the time I actually loved them, and to be fair I think everything has aged very well so I never make rash judgements when I see something new for the first time… Give it a couple of months and everyone will love it.

I guess my point is – timing plays a massive part in peoples decision re. branding and it’s something that should not be done for the sake of it. Bizarrely i have talked people out of rebranding on several occasions as I thought there money could be best used elsewhere.

You can see some of the branding projects we have worked on here, and if you feel like the time is right for a re-brand or if you are just setting out in the business world and need a logo, website or brochure please contact us or pick up the phone.

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