Design Method


Throughout the year, here at Pelling we have added another string to our bow. Creating animations and explainer videos for new and existing customers. We are very excited about the new opportunites this offers to our clients. Bringing to life some eye-catching projects and finding new ways to ensure they reach their target audience.

Animation has been growing steadily over the last few years and has proven it’s place as one of the best ways to portray your message. Understanding how to not only grab, but keep a viewers attention has never been more important. That is why companies turn to animation. Short, simple, bitesize videos packed with only vital information, viewers are not stuck with tedious powerpoints, or posters bursting with information.

Understanding how to get your message across is something Pelling excels at, and now we have the tools to do it using animation. Having already built a showreel of impressive 2D animations, Pelling can help you bring your projects to life. Whether animation, video editing or anything in between make sure you check out what we can do for you.

We have the tools
to get your message across