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Improve your presentations, 5 tips

Being a business owner of my Surrey based web design agency I have to pitch our credentials on a daily basis to prospective clients. Over the last 8 years I have learnt a great deal and have honed my presentation skills, and whilst still far from perfect, I like to think I am accomplished enough in presenting my company, our offering and what we can do for the people sitting in front of me.

With that in mind I have compiled a list of my top 5 tips for presenting.

Research the company

Most importantly, and top of the list, is research. Research the company and people you are presenting too. If you understand them and their product / service then you will not only impress them you will also feel comfortable whilst answering questions. There is nothing worse than getting caught out without a suitable answer to a question posed to you and it can throw your whole presentation off, not to mention our confidence!

Act naturally and don’t sell

My father was a salesman before retiring, and the main key to being a good salesman is not to sell... Interesting. For example, when you go to networking events you don’t go to be sold too, you go to meet new people and hopefully win business, so what makes it ok for you to sell to others? The best way to approach these sort of events, and any sales meeting, is to act naturally and strike up common interests. People love to work with people they like, and in turn trust. Selling aggressively to them will not gain their trust.

Be concise, more content does not mean better

Less is definitely more. On the rare occasions you are given a specific time limit to present, it’s often best to plan for a 15 minute, quick fire presentation and then make sure you engage your client with questions about them, what they think of your presentation and how they think you can help.. But most importantly... What do they need. The sooner you indenting their needs, the sooner you can find the answer.

Ensure you have a strong visual presence - get the right ppt or iPad presentation

Of course this part is important. Don’t go armed with a ropey  PowerPoint presentation that looks like it was designed in 1985!  PowerPoint does not have to be ugly, and there are also now a raft of iPad apps designed for presentations. Our favourite is keynotes, it’s so easy to use and very intuitive. Plus, you can make it look great.

Leave them with something ... Take cards!!!

I always, always go armed with business cardS and a few ‘mini’ leave behind portfolio brochures that my client can read, and hopefully hand out to other people in the office! Make sure anything your ‘leave behind’ has contact details and your website address. This is probably a good time to point out your website needs to look great, like some of these.

If you need help presenting your company, whether it be with a PowerPoint presentation, a brochure, website or exhibition materials why not check out our portfolio or get in contact directly.

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