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The importance of a mobile-friendly website

Mobile responsive website design

The mobile is ruling the internet world but do you have a mobile-friendly website?

Although smartphone’s have been around for a while, the way we use them has massively evolved. They really are the driving force right now, dominating much of today’s online activity. It’s not surprising to hear that in 2015 we saw the mobile override desktop for Google searches worldwide! Take it from us, a desktop site alone simply won’t be fit for business in 2016 and this is why…

More and more people are accessing websites from their mobile phones; they are on the go and want information at the touch of a button. This is where your standard desktop site will seriously let you down. Desktop websites are designed specifically for desktops, and will run into all sorts of problems when viewed from a mobile phone, which will instantly turn a user away. The initial look of an unfriendly mobile site will immediately disappoint your potential customers. To be faced with a full website which has been crammed into a screen the size of your hand is a daunting prospect. Think about the time and effort the user will spend trying to zoom in and navigate their way round your site and how frustrated they will become if they can’t get the information they need quickly. It is a proven fact that mobile users are more likely to be in a decision making mode, so they really aren’t going to waste their time navigating if they can get what they want much quicker and easier somewhere else. Remember your competitors are only one click away!

Mobile-friendly responsive website design in Surrey

So what’s different about a mobile site?

The beauty of a mobile-friendly website is that they are displayed in a much more simplified way, making them clutter free, easy to read and give the user quick and easy access to the information they actually need. So if there is one thing you invest in this year to enhance your marketing strategy we strongly recommend it’s a mobile site. You really will see the benefits.

Take the mobile-friendly test

If you’re unsure if your site is mobile-friendly take a look at this tool from Google. It will let you know instantly!

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

If you checked and the answer is no, don’t be too disheartened. Pelling Marketing by Design are here to help and we can get started right away. Our talented team of designers and website developers have created many mobile sites for a range of clients, which not only look great but are fully responsive and optimised.

For a quote or simply just to chat about how we can help with your mobile-friendly website please call us on 01252 341678.


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