Design Method


Getting you – our client, is THE most important part of the entire design process. Its what we at Pelling Design are best at, and this quite often missing ingredient can ruin the whole recipe from the get go.

It’s a very basic requirement – much like salt and pepper – but if its not there, you will notice it at the end of the design process.

Capturing what makes our clients different from the competitors is what we do. It is part of our design process and is gained through our constant process of collaboration and communication. Harnessing what is our clients unique selling point lays the groundwork for all pieces of design created, whether it is a simple business card, a custom build website or a brochure, You have to constantly ask;

Will this add any value to the clients goal? Is this communicating what X is best at? Is this fulfilling the brief?

By doing this, we are constantly challenging our selves, the client and our own design process to make sure we are getting the best out of each project.

We also get Pelling Design – we know what we are good at, we know our strengths and we know how to get the best out of ourselves. As you can see above, we have picked out just a few of our strengths. By knowing and understanding what we do best, it keeps us on track and successful at what we are doing.

We do not pretend to be something we re not. I have always wanted my agency to offer everything in house, so have built a highly skilled team of designers and developers to help bring this to fruition. W e do not stray from our key offerings – web design / development / ecom development / graphic design / branding / print, which allows us to deliver great results for our clients.

A jack of all trades is a master of none, so we keep our offering streamlined as possible.

We do have key partnerships with in the business… Pelling Design has been in existence for 12 years as of 2020 and during this time we have met and worked with many wonderful businesses and as a result, have built a fantastic network whom can call upon the very rare times something falls outside of our scope.

I often say to prospective clients that we would bot take anything on that we do not fee 100% comfortable with and I think that is a great way to run a business. Do what you do best, be nice doing it, and great things can happen.

So if you want us to get you, come and get a coffee at our Piggery in Farnham, Surrey.