Design Method

Copy? Cheque. Cheque. Over and out.

Intuit Cheque

Often times in the world of design jobs come in that demand a super fast turn around, and require speedy design and swift, skilled implementation.

Last week, just before the Easter bank holiday, with other deadlines looming, one of our regular clients, Intuit, asked us to design a branded cheque for a photographed presentation following a charity contest they had recently held. They needed it by the close of play that day.

This gave us a turnaround time of a little over two hours to develop a concept, design it and complete with approval. Jobs like this can only be successfully completed when the team is highly focussed, skilled and accomplished. Fortunately, we are proud to say that our design team fulfils all the above.

On receiving the brief, we quickly set about conceptualising the cheque, based on the client requests and research. The logistics of the final design had to be taken into account; knowing that it was for a photo opportunity, we needed to ensure that all the key elements of the design were highly legible and clearly distinguishable. The design also needed to be eye catching, and in-line with the brand personality to capture the attention of readers and ensure strong brand association, all the while still ensuring it was clearly, visually a cheque.

Owing to the skilled nature of the designers here at Pelling, we were able to produce a final design that fulfilled all these requirements, and the client swiftly approved the work.
Intuit Cheque
As those who work in any kind of creative industry will no doubt understand, when these kinds of jobs jump up they are a great opportunity to demonstrate your versatility, dedication and skill as a designer. And while the pressure to succeed in limited time constraints is strong, often some of the best work emerges.

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