Design Method


I hate the word cheap, isn’t cheap a word you use when you are searching for something you don’t really care about? like a ‘cheap hotel’ for when you need a place to crash when you meet with old uni friends and will be far too drunk to care about where you lay your head that night?
I would hate to be called cheap, as I am sure anyone reading this blog would too.

‘Good Value’, now thats a different story There is a HUGE difference between being ‘cheap’ and being ‘good value’. This was highlighted perfectly by a phone call I had with a new client only yesterday.

The client in question did what everyone does when they are searching for a service or product they require, she fired up her laptop, opened google and typed in exactly what she was looking for. In this instance it was ‘Wed Designers in Surrey’, and she was of course met with a whole host of websites.

She then went about contacting each of her preferred websites (ours being one of them – which we are very proud of… but i will save that conversation for a different blog…) to gather pricing.

After speaking with 3 or 4 and quoting according to her brief, we were lucky enough to win the contract. Along with loving our website she also gave our pricing as a good reason for choosing us… to which I replied ‘were we the cheapest?’ The answer sort of surprised me: ‘No, but some were so cheap it made me wonder if I would get good value for money’. I would like to add that we were also not the most expensive, but that was very refreshing to hear and a answer I took great pride in hearing.

So I guess the moral of the story is, being cheap comes at a cost, whether you are buying or selling services the most important question to ask is not ‘who’s is the cheapest?’, but ‘where am I going to get the best value for my money?’, and in turn, the best return on my investment?

I would of course, rather biastly say, if it is web design, graphic design, branding or marketing services you are looking for then it will be us! So why not give us a call and arrange a time to pop in for a cup of tea and discuss how Pelling Design can add value to your business!