Marketing services for tourism

Marketing services for tourism

The tourism industry is a diverse and exciting sector, one where you might think the products sell themselves with little requirement for marketing intervention. However, it’s probably because of some stellar marketing campaigns that you may have decided to visit a location or attraction. The impact of these activities, all planned meticulously, cannot be underestimated.

Remember the iconic Paul ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Hogan ads for Tourism Australia? This may be a little old now, but ‘Put another shrimp on the barbie’ became an enduring catchphrase and revitalised people’s perception of Oz, making it an attractive holiday option for thousands of people who’d never considered it before.

Whether your business is a small B&B or claims to have the twistiest, highest rollercoaster in the world, here are the main marketing services we would recommend:


Don’t fear the concept of a strategy, this essential document is constructed purely to help you get the most from your marketing budget, to make sure your efforts are appropriate and that you can achieve the best return on investment possible.

It should help you to identify several important elements: your key audience, your aims and objectives, your USP, where to focus and which channels to use. It can also outline ways in which to measure performance.

Think of it like a map around a theme park – a document which guides you through a journey and keeps you on track. It should be flexible; a plan which helps you to meet those goals.


Yes, most of your customers will view your product online, but print still plays a big part in advertising the tourism industry: leaflets, brochures, advertorial supplements, guides, safety cards – you name it.

Not all print services are made equal, though, so it pays to do your research. Naturally, you’ll want your printed material to be of the very highest calibre, no matter how big the run – better still if the equipment at your disposal prints quickly too. This allows you to capitalise on events and opportunities at short notice, getting your message out there to thousands of potential customers.

Top quality digital print services allows you to do this without compromising on quality.


Four-fifths of consumers research products online before buying, so if you’re not doing a sufficient amount of online marketing, you could be missing out on some major sales. Online marketing covers not only the social media aspect, but emails, search engine optimisation and paid advertising, too.

An expert online marketer can create remarketing ads to remind browsers about you. They can help you send out newsletters and deals to a highly targeted demographic. Online marketing is effectively the collective name for all of the clever techniques that will increase your visibility on Google and raise brand awareness. It’s undoubtedly an aspect of marketing that you cannot afford to ignore.

Examples of our work include:

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