Marketing services for the food and drink industry

Marketing services for the food and drink industry

The food and drink industry is frequently in the spotlight, whether it’s regarding unwelcome scandals, supporting health initiatives or talking about the latest innovation in food technology.

That fact alone proves this is one sector where marketing is not just a ‘nice to have’, but an essential tool – whether you’re a well-known brand name or not.

Investment in marketing and the development of a strategy is key, keeping you on track for new product launches, ad campaigns, market research and many other necessary activities.

Here are three services which we feel are of the most importance to businesses in food and drink:


If you want to sell products, then you’ll know that the look is almost as important as the taste. From your website and print ads to the packaging, the right design can make a world of difference to your sales – especially if you’re changing an existing product. The backlash can be extreme. Tropicana learned this the hard way in 2009 when it swapped the ‘friendly’ orange logo with a sleek new look. Sales were down 20 per cent, with customers complaining that they ‘didn’t recognise’ the product. Tropicana swiftly reverted.

It’s important to work with experienced graphic designers who will not only pay attention to detail, but take careful consideration with regard to colours, fonts and the physical image, to accommodate elements (if needed) of the company’s existing products.


When the public makes its feelings known about a brand, the company is presented with little choice but to respond. This happened to McDonald’s when Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me’ documentary highlighted the unhealthy impact of snaffling too many burgers and fries. Ever since, it has attempted to position itself as nutrition-conscious, emphasising healthy items on its menu while simultaneously promoting itself as a coffee shop. The project seems to be working; McDonald’s sales are up. This just goes to prove that no company is too big for a rebrand.

Your business might only need a bit of a refresh, rather than an exercise in damage limitation; either way, knowing there are experts you can turn to, who will listen to your objectives and help you with your brand, is invaluable.


The power of online marketing cannot ever be underestimated. For those in the food and drink industry, this channel provides an easy opportunity to build an audience, engage followers, maintain relationships and encourage brand loyalty.

It’s through online marketing that you can ensure your website is visible on the Google search results pages, that your advertising is reaching your target audience, that people are aware of your brand, and that your customers remain happy. Remarketing, for example, can help remind people about you – and with new ad features being rolled out online all the time, you can even arrange for your target audience to be alerted when they are physically near one of your outlets. It’s truly amazing.

Examples of our work include:

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