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Marketing services for product launches

Marketing services for product launches

There’s so much pressure on anyone who is trying to launch a new product; failure is definitely not an option, you need this thing to sell by the truckload. They can be exciting events, product launches; get it right and you’re laughing. Get it wrong, however, and it can cost you dearly.

What’s clear is that you need to shout about what you’re doing; tell people your new product has arrived; stir up some excitement and create anticipation…and there’s only one way to do that: marketing.

Get your strategy straight

Crucial to your success is a defined marketing strategy, one which is based on solid market research and through which you, and all stakeholders, can agree on appropriate and engaging messaging.

Take inspiration from some of the greats: Apple’s Steve Jobs knew that placing an emphasis on what the latest iPad could offer people, not about the technical specification, was key to any product launch.

He would talk about what was relevant to his target audience and it was a tactic that resonated. Your marketing strategy needs to be as cohesive as Apple’s, with every stakeholder understanding the key message and designing their marketing efforts around it – that way everything ties in and no one team or individual can say something that undoes everyone else’s hard work. More importantly, you can have a successful launch.

Create a buzz using email and social media marketing

Some of the most effective product launch tactics are those which tease your audience, where you offer just a sneaky hint of what’s to come. As you’ll be aware, this creates great interest, generates conversation and raises brand awareness significantly. Two of the easiest ways to do this are to use email marketing and social media.

An email campaign that contacts your subscribers ahead of the general public – especially if it gives them a chance to see your product before everyone else – can really work. A social campaign with a teasing hashtag can arouse curiosity and explode on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Both channels can be used to launch a product in many other ways, too. You could email discounts or invite subscribers to the launch itself. Using social media, you might create some shareable tweets or create a competition. The possibilities are endless, plus they are quick and cost-efficient.

Ensure your website is equipped for pre-orders

If you’ve succeeded in creating enough hype and anticipation around your impending product, then you have absolutely got to make sure your customers can pre-order it on your website. This may require the expertise of some professional developers, who can ensure that your pre-order function renders correctly on mobile devices, too.

No one wants to wait until launch day anymore – we’ve become an impatient bunch – so knowing that they can make an order in advance will appeal greatly. What’s more, this may help minimise any website issues caused as a result of atypical traffic spikes. That said, ensure your site can cope with large numbers of visitors, just to be on the safe side.

Essentially, this is nothing more than common sense, but using these services can help your product launch become the stuff of legend. If you’d like to know how we can help with yours, send us a message or give us a call on 01252 341730.

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