Marketing services for law & legal services

Marketing services for law & legal services

A legal firm’s reputation should precede it, right? Ideally, yes, but this isn’t immediately the case if you are new or smaller player. No one will know that you exist unless you tell people, and the best way to do it is to review your marketing options.

There are many great techniques and tools that you could make use of, but we’ve narrowed the most crucial down to the following three:

Web design

For a lot of the people searching online for you, it will be their first encounter with a legal firm. They know nothing about you, they don’t know your background, nor your credentials – they’re doing their research and trying to determine whether they trust you.

This is probably the singularly most important message you can get across with your marketing: you can trust us. Naturally, you want also to appear credible and knowledgeable – this is easily done via the content you post – but getting across that feeling of trustworthiness can be more difficult. It’s something that can be ascertained with one glimpse at your website, hence web design is critical.

The look has to be right – professional and authoritative – from the background colour to the speed at which your pages load. It should be unique to help you stand out from the competition; it should render perfectly on all devices; and it should be tested to ensure there are no errors. Ultimately, your web designers should give you a site to be proud of, and one which your prospects can trust.


If you’re going to develop a trustworthy website, then it pays to think about your brand identity, too. Even if it’s simply your company name, it’s important to create a logo and consistent company branding which is professional, understandable and appropriate. This goes right back to the basics like colour and font – every single element conveys meaning. You wouldn’t use Comic Sans, for example.

A rebrand is a huge task, requiring many hours of thought, research and feedback, but it’s so important. That’s why you should choose a partner who will work closely with you on such a project, so that your ideas and visions can be realised in the best way. Far too many businesses have got it wrong and paid dearly; but with our branding services, you won’t join that list.

A solid marketing strategy

There’s plenty of research available online that shows how businesses that create and stick to a marketing strategy are more successful than those that don’t. This isn’t just used for external messaging, but to help all of your departments work better and more effectively together, taking a more cohesive approach. A strategy outlines your marketing journey, helps you build your company reputation and identifies opportunities where you could get involved in wider community events (raising brand awareness) – you name it, your marketing strategy can promote it.

It would also help you stay on budget by setting out a mix of marketing tools for you to use during a certain time period – be it the creation of a client testimonials page, exhibiting at a law show or creating a press advertisement. It allows you to get the absolute most from your marketing activities.

Examples of our work with Law and Legal include:





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