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Marketing services for hotels


Reputation is of vital importance when you work within the hotel sector – it’s what differentiates you from the thousands of other establishments across the UK. In a world where guest ratings and reviews can make or break a booking, it’s essential that you get your marketing right.

You need a strategy

Formulating a plan around your events calendar, seasonal activities and other factors can help you get the very most from your marketing budget. It can help you coordinate your efforts, streamline them and monitor their performance. It can help you create a marketing campaign which is multi-faceted, appealing to the audience and, ultimately, successful.

Your strategy is like a road map which tells all stakeholders what’s going on. For hotels, this needs to incorporate an online focus, with clear branding, favourable reviews and even some product marketing to reach people who aren’t going to stay overnight – i.e. venue hire or restaurant booking. Your marketing strategy allows you to remain on track and help you strengthen your brand through a variety of channels.

Web design

From the reviews pages or the holiday comparison websites, browsers will click through to your site, so it needs to contain valuable information, be easy to navigate and – most importantly – work. When we book at hotel, we all want a full list of all of the facilities, background information, lots of photos and an obvious way to check prices. With hotels, it’s all about appearance and so your web design must be spot on.

The quality and efficiency of your site can impact your competitive edge, so obtaining specialist expertise shouldn’t even be up for debate. The site needs to be responsive and render correctly on mobile devices, via which increasing numbers of people make purchases. Crucially, though, the site needs to say what you want it to say about your business – something that great designers will be able to communicate succinctly.

Online marketing

To build up a loyal following, create and maintain positive relationships and even encourage some to become brand ambassadors, online marketing is key.

It’s a competitive area, so to increase your visibility online, using search engine optimisation techniques can help push your site nearer the first page of the Google results. Meanwhile, targeted advertising can position your advert in front of your key audience – prompting them to click through to your site.

Social media marketing should certainly be in your armoury, through which you can publicise deals, engage prospects and address any issues before they become huge problems which could dent your reputation. You can also respond to any questionable reviews on Trip Advisor before they do any real damage.

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