Design Method


New years resolutions… pfffttttt… they get pretty short shrift in my house hold. Even my son doesn’t make them anymore, as at the ripe old age of 10 even he has admitted there is no point as he ‘never sticks to them for more than a couple of weeks’… We should be so lucky, last years was to keep his room tidy and to be more polite!

I am hoping to buck this unhealthy trend and stick to mine. I am planning (hoping) 2020 is the start of me giving something back to the industry that has given me so, so much.

I have been lucky enough to have my own design agency for 12 years now, and whilst it has been a tough old journey at times, I could never imagined the fun, success and satisfaction I have felt over those years.

So I have decided to write about ‘agency life’, giving you a insight into what its like running a design agency – from the day to day tasks, the clients, the successes, the problems, the continuous fight for a good work / life balance, staff, finance and design in 2019.

This is a modest way to start ‘giving back’ but I have been trying to think about what I would of found useful all those many many many years ago when I was studying design.

Having a ‘live’ resource would of prepared me better for entering the working environment, broadened my understanding of the
industry, help manage my own expectations – its not all record sleeves and trendy flyer designs – and generally help navigate the decisions that face not only graduates, but also people looking to start their own agency, move agency or change their career.

Would I have done anything differently, I am not so sure – but hopefully this will prove a useful resource for someone heading into the design and marketing industry.

2020 is looking like a tough year ahead with the uncertainty that Brexit is causing running through our economy, the further
saturation of our market place with agencies popping up left right and centre and the alarming trend of large businesses moving their marketing and design resources abroad or in house.

I will not pretend to understand the implications Brexit has had or can have on my business, nor can I do anything about the later 2 but I hope you enjoy my commentary on these matters as we move through the year!

I have also vowed to make more of an effort with personal work – a resolution I am proud to say I made in 2019 and actually stuck too, so again – watch this space and check out my instagram for updates!