Design Method


I have been super slack with the ‘agency life’ blog posts, but why time has been manopolised with client work which is no bad thing!

My role has changed at Pelling Design over the last 12-18 months as we have grown. I have taken a bit of a back seat to the day to day design based detail and have taken on much more of the creative direction and strategy based work, which has been my aim for a while now.

My wonderful team of designers and developers are seriously taking care of business! And, variety is the spice of life, which is why we have been so thrilled with the sheer variety of work we have had through the studio recently. I thought this would make a nice addition to my ‘agency life’ series!

Here is a quick run through of what we are working on at the moment

AudioTelligence branding and website development – a hugely exciting opportunity that we have been working on for most of the calendar year. We have launched 2 new brands for AudioTelligence which included naming conventions, trademarks and branding. We are getting there and are currently 75% of the way through the website development process – exciting times ahead.

Pelling Design have also gone animation mad this year, with wonderful projects for Alcon and Philips, bringing our dynamic design flair to life with these animations.

This website for Virtual Panel looked great in concept and are we are excited to see how it comes out once developed, and we are with Neil Hughes’ site!

Axiom also tendered their site to Pelling Design and we launched earlier in the year with this fabulous, multi functional, beautiful and modular website. The Design of this site ha to be one of my favourites. Websites don’t have to be hugely complex to be dynamic, and I think this one is a great case in point!

We have been very luck this last couple of years gaining the trust of so many clients to allow us to bring their visions and companies to life! Even with COVID there is still a great spirit out there in the UK (and beyond) for business!

So, if you need a agency you can trust to bring your vision to life, give us a call or fill out our form!!