Philips USD Launch / Branding

Philips USD Launch / Branding

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Pelling Design worked closely with the Marketing team at Philips to launch the innovative UltraSound on Demand service, a incredibly exciting new pricing system that will change the landscape of Healthcare procurement.

The first port of call was to visually communicate how this new process works, which we did via this colourful, impactful and simple graphic.

By outlining the 4 main components of the process, creating a icon for each along with a brief but succinct definition, we managed to streamline the offering into a simple infographic that can be easily understood by procurement teams along with leading healthcare professionals.


Using this simple and impactful infographic, we designed a equally impactful advert that ran in leading healthcare publications to promote this new offering. Along with a strong Call To Action reading to a hub of information (see below), this provide a strong catalyst for enquiries, helping to generate interest in the healthcare community.

Icon design

The key to this entire campaign was making the very complex appear simple and straightforward. this suite of icons we designed went a long way to ensuring this happened.

App design and build

To bring the concept to life and showcase the thought process behind the innovative procurement system we developed a app that effectively walked prospective customers through the entire workflow.

Utilising all the design assets we had produced we designed, built, coded and tested this app entirely in house . It was then used to launch Ultrasound On Demand internally at Philips as well as at trade shows around the country.

The sales team at Philips use this as there main selling tool and we have been continuously developing the app since launch as and when we have receive feedback we can utilise to improve the tool.

Brochure & Email creation

Once the ranking basics were designed and created, we then began to roll out the more aggressive marketing pieces - including touch points suck as brochures, flyers, direct mail and emails.

These allowed us to make contact with the key stakeholders within the healthcare industry and begin to communicate this innovative offering.

Landing page design & build

This landing page, designed, created, coded, built and tested all entirely in-house at Pelling was the main hun of information, the portal where all the above peices Call To Action’s posted too.

Because of this, the key points and top level information had to be displayed and communicated in a manner that led the viewer easily through everything they needed to know and most importantly, encouraged them to enquire and make contact with the sales team.

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