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With our 30 years’ experience in the creative industry Pelling has a strong background in print, both digital and lithographic.

In this time we have built and maintained some incredible working relationships with suppliers. This not only benefits us, but also our clients. Much of the work we undertake is on a reciprocal arrangement, which means we can pass these incredible rates onto our clients.

Our knowledge on the differences between digital and lithographic print allows us to accurately assess the best option for our clients. Digital print has advanced substantially in the last few years, and is certainly the future of print in the creative industry. However, lithographic print still reigns supreme when it comes to long print runs.

The main attraction of digital print is its speed, allowing us to complete a job incredibly quickly without compromising on quality. It holds strong benefits when it comes to capitalising on immediate marketing opportunities that are time sensitive, and quick exposure is important. The flexibility of digital prints allows for personalisation of media, which can add a personal touch to your material.

Like many aspects of the creative industry, print is rife with terminology and nuance, our experience means that we can help you traverse the complexities of the printing work and deliver high quality work that you can be proud of.

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