Did you know that the word branding began simply as a way to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp?

Yes it’s true, and although the word has come a long way since then it still represents the same meaning in today’s world – brand identity. A strong brand is invaluable and can elevate your business or product into something unique making you stand out from your competitors. Consistently applying your brand to all your business attributes will create effective recognition with you customer base, which will in turn help to expand your customer base and thus market your business to a wider range of clients.

Some of the most famous brands in the world include Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Disney and of course most recently Apple. Whether we use these brands or not we all recognise them, and without such a strong brand identity, perhaps their success may not have been so great.

To design a brand for the first time or to re-brand is a big exercise and should not be thought of lightly. As well as the visual elements such as colour, design, and logo it should also represent your values, services and personality.

Not only is your brand important to you, it’s equally important to us. Our expertise lies in every aspect of branding including logo design, literature, POS and websites. If you are interested in Pelling designing a brand for you, contact us today!

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